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“Trimming and shoeing is many times

not the full answer to remedy lameness but

also at times requires the expertise and

collaborative efforts of vets, massage

therapists, rider, and farrier...”

Hoof Trimming

There are many disciplines and reasons for not shoeing a horse and just doing a hoof trimming.  The will depend on many factors like terrain, diet, type of work, and horse genetics.  If this is your choice, the trimming will ensure the best foot comfort for the horse

The decision to shoe a horse has many factors but with the goal to protect the hoof and horse.  Each horse and hoof for that matter may require unique shoe characteristics.  Also depending on health of the hoof, certain more advanced aspects will be applied.  All shoeing will also ensure horse comfort and balance.
Offsite Lameness Analysis and Consultation

All NMS onsite trimming and shoeing services include a lameness assessment to ensure those services incorporate corrective measures which many times corrects the issue after the first treatment.  For those clients where Freddie cannot physically visit, and these services allow clients access to his expertise through the use of technology.